Description of Mount Si High School

Mount Si Mount Si High School (MSHS) is the sole comprehensive high school in the Snoqualmie Valley School District serving approximately 1,500 students in grades 9-12. Located at 8651 Meadowbrook Way S.E. in Snoqualmie, MSHS began in 1945 when high schools in North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Fall City merged into one. The mission of Mount Si High School’s educational community is: to enable students to identify and realize their potential; to celebrate individual differences; to develop skills and motivation for lifelong learning; and to be knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizens. Mount Si High School strives to create a safe, supportive school environment where all students have stimulating and challenging learning opportunities that will prepare them for college and 21st century careers.

A comprehensive academic program offers MSHS students a wide range of courses including Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) subjects, as well as vocational Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs (i.e. sports medicine, culinary arts, construction management, etc.) The newly-launched Snoqualmie Valley Virtual Academy offers high school students flexibility and accredited online education programs to supplement MSHS classes. Student performance and participation in more rigorous academic course options continues to increase each year. National Merit scholars are recognized yearly at Mount Si High School, and recent graduating classes amassed more than $6 million dollars of scholarship awards in helping offset the cost of a college education. Eighty percent (80%) of MSHS graduates transition onto college.

Mount Si High School also offers an array of extra-curricular activities that allow students opportunities to try new activities, pursue their interests, develop skills through hand-on participation, learn teamwork, cultivate friendships and discover their individuality – attributes that will extend beyond the high school experience. Extracurricular options include, but are not limited to, Mount Si’s nationally-recognized music program that teaches students musical skills and expands their performing arts experience. A strong student leadership program at Mount Si High School offers students opportunities to develop their leadership potential while improving their school and serving their community. (One example is the successful annual ASB food drive that benefits numerous food banks and local citizens each year.) Foreign language programs and student exchanges foster global understanding. As part of the KingCo 4A League, students also have numerous sports options. Mount Si teams frequently participate in state playoffs and tournaments, and many young athletes earn scholarships to colleges and universities. PTSA and Parent Booster organizations offer extensive support to academic and activity programs for students.

It is the relationship of Mount Si High School parents, students, teachers, and community—in a partnership of teaching, learning and respect—that provides a high quality educational experience for each student.