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Promoting Gratitude and Good Manners at Opstad

Promoting Gratitude and Good Manners at Opstad

As stated in Opstad’s School Improvement Plan, “Social emotional skills are the skills that allow us to understand ourselves and to form healthy relationships with other people.”  Opstad Elementary has two goals outlined in our school improvement plan that focus on strengthening our school culture and promoting positive behavior.  

From now until Spring Break, we will be encouraging acts of gratitude and good manners inside and outside of school.  Each week, we will highlight ways to exhibit good manners and provide students with a challenge to demonstrate their good manners at school and at home.

Additionally, to encourage kindness and gratitude, we are beginning “Thankful Thursdays.”  Gratitude is a component of social emotional learning and much research identifies gratitude as a major predictor of happiness.  Every Thursday students will have the opportunity to express gratitude.  Thank you notes help students reflect on experiences they are grateful for.   

Below is a list of weekly activities and challenges that will take place at Opstad.  Please feel free to enrich the weekly themes at home and even participate in Thankful Thursdays with us!  

Week 1, March 6-10: Showing Gratitude

Challenge: Understand what gratitude means and show gratitude to a classmate

Thankful Thursday: Create a high five hand to thank a classmate

Week 2, March 13-17: Using Good Manners- Please and Thank You

Challenge: Find at least five opportunities to say “please” or “thank you” this week

Thankful Thursday: In honor of Classified Appreciation Week, write a note to thank a classified staff member at Opstad

Week 3, March 20-24: Using Good Manners- Excuse Me and I’m Sorry

Challenge: Find three appropriate times to say “excuse me” or “I am sorry”

Thankful Thursday: Write a thank you note to a teacher, past or present

Week 4, March 27-31: Showing Kindness- Giving Compliments

Challenge: Give a compliment to someone you wouldn’t typically compliment

Thankful Thursday: Write a thank you note to family member you appreciate

Week 5, April 3-7: Showing Gratitude to Planet Earth- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

Challenge: In honor of Earth Day later this month, pick up five pieces of garbage throughout the week and leave a location (home, school, or community) cleaner than you found it
Thankful Thursday: Write a thank you note to a community member you appreciate