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OES School Improvement Update

School Improvement Update

We find it an important practice to periodically review and monitor our School Improvement Plan (SIP).  Opstad’s SIP is rooted in supporting the Snoqualmie Valley School District Mission and Vision:

SVSD Mission Statement:  Our mission is to educate all Snoqualmie Valley children to prepare them for college, career, and citizenship.

SVSD Vision: To become the best school district in Washington State by any measure.

The goal of the SIP is to be a living document that guides our work and allows us to reflect on our progress and effectiveness as a school community in raising achievement for all of our students.  Our SIP is a result of analyzing our school’s strengths, areas of growth, and needs.  We are a school that believes that continuous improvement is at the heart of our work supporting the social-emotional and academic growth for all students at Opstad.

Here is a link to our SIP for you to view the progress of our continuous improvement: https://goo.gl/SxNPNd