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Scripps Spelling Bee February 13

Our 3rd annual CKMS Spelling Bee program is underway.  The DEADLINE TO ENTER is Tuesday, JAN 17th.  Permission Slips are available in the CKMS Front Office or via the below link.  Slips must be returned to the Front Office.  Participants will be provided with a list of 450 words to study which will be used in the CKMS Bee, plus an additional 100 challenge words for extended rounds of competition.  Word lists will be emailed once a participant’s completed permission slip is received, and will also be available in the Office.

 Spelling Bee event dates:

 1.       PRACTICE BEE on JAN 30th at 6pm. This optional event will provide participants and parents with helpful tips in advance of competing in the School Bee.  Students are encouraged to attend and learn valuable skills to prepare for success in the School Bee, and to try out some practice rounds of a typical spelling bee competition.

2.       SCHOOL BEE on FEB 13rd at 6pm. Participants will compete to become the 2017 CKMS Spelling Bee School Champion, Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.  Students must submit a signed Permission Form by the Jan 17th entry deadline in order to participate.

 As part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee program, the CKMS School Champion will advance to compete in the Regional Bee at Seattle Town Hall on Sunday, MARCH 3rd.

This is a PTSA sponsored event supported by parent volunteer efforts.  Please check the CKMS PTSA website for additional information.