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Veterans Day Assemblies Honor Local Heroes

On Thursday, November 10, Snoqualmie Valley schools planned special assemblies in honor of Veterans Day. Below are snapshots from these activities and the special veteran guests of honor. Thank you, again, for your service!
 Veterans Day 1  Veterans Day 2
Veterans Day 3  Veterans Day 4  
Veterans Day 5
Veterans Day 6
 Veterans Day 7  Veterans Day 8
 Veterans Day 9 Veterans Day 10  
 Veterans Day 11  Veterans Day 12
 Veterans Day 13 Veterans Day 14  
 Veterans Day 15 Veterans Day 16  
 Veterans day 17 Veterans Day 18  
 Veterans Day 19 Veterans Day 20  
 Veterans Day 21  Veterand Day 22
 Veterans Day 23 Veterans Day 24  
 Veterans Day 25  Portrait of Mount Si graduate and Fallen Hero Eric Ward, drawn by Micheal Reagan
Veterans Day 27  
Veterans day 28
For a student's perspective on this special day, read this article written by Mount Si High School Senior Michael McCall, as published in Living Snoqualmie, entitled: Mount Si Veterans Day Assembly, 'Best assembly ever' say student.