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SES Creativity Featured on January Art Board

Snoqualmie Valley schools take turns featuring student art projects in the Board Room at the District Office. In January, artwork from Snoqualmie Elementary students has been on display.
Tropical fish were the source of inspiration for Ms. Gjurasic’s 4th grade class as they looked at patterns, colors and shapes. Students created their own tropical fish (below) using layering, composition and collage techniques.
 SES Art 1  SES art 2
 SES art 3  SES art 4
 SES art 5  SES art 6
 SES art 7
Also, Mr. Crumb’s 4th grade class displayed a College and Career Project. Based on the students’ research, they created a pennant that represented a career aspiration and college preference with admission requirements.  Below, place the cursor over each image for a caption of the school and occupation highlighted.
 Cal Poly - Architect  University of Colorado at Boulder - Aerospace Engineer & Air Force ROTC Pilot
 University of Washington - Registered Nurse  Ohio State University - Sports Coaching
 Renton Technical College - Culinary Arts  Georgia Tech - Robotics Engineer
 US Naval Academy - Navy Fighter Pilot  Colorado State University - Wildlife Biologist
 Massachussetts Institute of Technology - Mechanical Engineer  Ohio University - Soccer Coach
 Vehicle Research Institute of Western Washington University - Automotive Engineer  UW - Teacher
Thinking ahead about future goals