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FCES Promotes Random Acts of Kindness Week

Fall City Elementary School (FCES) is participating in National Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 13-17. Throughout the week, the school is planning opportunities for students to share kind words and actions, both inside and outside of school. Students will partake in a variety of activities within classrooms, over morning announcements, and in the lunchroom.

“These activities are in conjunction with our goal to increase students’ tolerance and respect for all throughout our school community. We are looking forward to an incredibly special week!” said Principal Monica Phillips.

Daily activities planned for Random Acts of Kindness Week at Fall City Elementary include:

Monday - Appreciation
Students were given the opportunity to write a "Thank You" note to someone in their life, either here at school or in their greater community. (Watch a related video link: An Experiment in Gratitude.)
After day one of RAK Week, Fall City Elementary School Counselor Kelly Stinson shared a few examples of some heart-felt messages that students wrote and shared with her. Here is a brief sampling of their thank you notes:
  • “Dear Mailman, I liked it when you gave me the orange envelope. Thank you for giving me mail.”
  • “Dear Omi, Thank you for buying us things when we visit you.”
  • “Dear (teacher), You are the best teacher. I loved all the fun things you would plan like the oreo thing with your mom... I enjoyed having you as teacher for two years!...I loved that after the walkathon you would spray us with water.”
  • Dear (friend), “Thinking of you makes me smile because of these three reasons: You’re always smiling! You are a great friend! You are so nice and kind!”
Tuesday - Friendship
Students were given a "buddy" classroom to make kindness postcards to give to students in that classroom.

Wednesday - Giving
Students were given the opportunity to bring in a quarter (or more) as a donation to Children's Hospital. If students brought in a quarter, they could wear a hat for the day.

Thursday - Family
Students will be given the opportunity to create a coupon for a family member to redeem for an act of kindness or help. (Watch the related video link: The Secret to a Happy Family.)
Friday - Environment
Students will be encouraged to reuse three things over the weekend. For example, use a reusable bag at the grocery store, make a pad out of used/recycled paper, or create an art project out of recycled products.

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