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March Works of Art from Opstad Elementary School

Each month, Snoqualmie Valley schools take turns showcasing student artwork in the Board Room at the District Office. In March, works of art from Opstad Elementary students feature the creative talents of 4th graders in Ms. Koefod’s class resulting from lessons on Austrailian Aboriginal Art and Impressionist Henri Rousseau.

Australian Aboriginal Dreamings are inspired by one of the oldest art forms still practiced today. Like the Northwest Coastal Native Americans the class explores in social studies, Aboriginal artists use symbolism to depict themes and designs found in nature. The 4th grade students experimented with line character, using “macro,” “medium” and “micro” ink lines to render animals. Crosshatching and repeated patterns also add interest to these works.

The students also learned about how Henri Rousseau, a self-taught 19th Century impressionist artist, who painted jungle images and themes. Rousseau’s works of art were entirely based on his impressions gleaned from picture books, zoos, botanical gardens and animals preserved by taxidermy. He never visited a jungle. The Opstad 4th graders experimented with watercolor wash, using ink to add detail. Compositions were created by painting a background and adding painted pieces in a collage style, to express levels of space -- foreground, middle ground and backgrounds.
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