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    Student Internships/Work-Based Learning

    Two Rivers students develop their interests through rigorous projects and real-world internships. Two Rivers, a public high school within the Snoqualmie Valley School District does not follow a traditional learning model.  Students, who must apply for admission and are selected via lottery, earn academic competencies through projects rather than earning grades through courses. Twice a week, they participate in work-based learning by interning with adult mentors in the working world.


    Why offer an internship?

    Working mentors contribute to the learning of a student in their community, nurture the next  generation of talent in their profession, and bring the freshness of a student's perspective to their work. Mentors also support a national movement to promote engagement and authenticity in high school.


    How would an internship work?

    WHEN: 4-6 hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays, start and stop times flexible, end date determined by mentor and student

    WHAT: Students may perform routine, menial tasks as well as complete an independent project related to the work.

    WHO: Student or family provides transportation to site; teacher/advisor will visit occasionally.


    Is it legal to host a high school student on a job site?

    Yes. State and federal labor laws (that might otherwise limit paid working hours for minors) cover our program, permitting students to engage in unpaid internships -- work-based learning -- for extended hours on job sites.


    What is the mentor’s commitment?

    • Oversee the student’s work on
    • Support the student in a project that is ideally authentic and valuable to the organization and allows for
    • Attend the student’s Exhibition if An Exhibition is the student’s hour-long presentation of his or her learning to a panel of teachers, peers and parents on campus.
    • Complete online a brief, confidential background check and basic information for a learning


    How can a potential mentor get started?

    We begin with a Shadow Day, which allows the mentor and student to meet to determine whether an internship would be a good fit. Potential mentors may email Chrissy Riley, Internship Coordinator at rileyc@svsd410.org.



    Thank you for considering making a difference in a student’s life!