• Please scan and email the two required forms below.  (Instructions are included.)

    Required Forms:

    Optional Forms:

    • Volunteer Background Check Form - If you are interested in volunteering at Fall City Elementary School, you will need to complete this form and return to the front office, along with your current driver's license, prior to volunteering. Please bring this form with you at a later date (when school is in session in our building), as we need to take the copy of your driver's license at that time.
    • FERPA District Opt-out Form - Parents who DO NOT want directory information or photographic images released must submit an Opt-Out request in writing to their student's school office ANNUALLY - by September 15 each year. Scan and email this form to Joanna Jimenez.
    • Physician's Orders Form - If any type of medication, over the counter or prescription, is needed at school, please have this form filled out by your physician and turn into our school nurse.
    • Excused Absence Form - This form is to be filled out and turned into the FCES office when you are requesting an excused abscence of over 5 days for your student.