About the Timber Ridge PTSA

  • Timber Ridge PTSA, established 2016Welcome to the Timber Ridge Elementary PTSA.


    Our Mission:

    To work collaboratively with parents, staff, students, and the greater community to enhance the educational experience and emotional well-being of every child.




    The Executive Board:

    President: Sara Wingerath-Schlanger

    Co-Vice President: Lindsay King

    Co-Vice President: Jessica Smolinsky


    Programs Supported by the PTSA: 

    Donut With A Grown Up

    Fall Carnival

    Field Trips

    Scholastic Book Fair

    Student Assemblies

    Teacher Grants

    Veterans Day Assembly Reception




    Why join the PTSA?

    • It connects you to a network of parents and teachers in our community and gives you a voice in support of education.
    • Keeps you more informed to understand the challenges schools face and become part of the solution.
    • Boosts children’s well-being. Research has proven kids do better when parents are involved: grades are higher, test scores improve, and attendance increases.
    • Makes you a good role model by demonstrating to your children the importance you place on education.
    • Enjoy substantial benefits with your WA State and National PTA membership through discounts, offers, and leadership training.

    Come and join us!


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