• SVSD Health Services Department

    As a department, our focus is supporting student health and academic success.  We are committed to contributing to a healthy and safe environment in which all students can learn. Our staff is comprised of a supervising school nurse, an elementary lead school nurse, several school nurses and health room assistants. We work closely with students, their families and school staff to promote better health and greater learning. Our team is responsible for mandated health screenings, immunization compliance, assessment of student health needs, development and implementation of required individual health/emergency plans, in-service training for school staff, health education and other health related issues that are present in the educational setting. Questions or concerns surrounding your child’s health are best addressed with your student's school nurse.  Staff assignments and hyperlinks to the school nurses email can be found to the right.  

    Health Notifications:

    July 2019:  New Washington State Law taking effect which limits exemptions to Measles containing vaccine.

    May 2019:  Measles Confirmed in King County

    This month, confirmed cases of measles have been reported in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Public Health states that the best protection against measles is to get vaccinated with the measles, mumps, and rebella (MMR) vaccine. Explore the following resources to learn more about measles prevention and treatment.


    Find measles information from the Washington Department of Health in several languages:

    Measles Flier (WA DOH)

    معلومات عن الحصبة (Arabic)

    खसरा के बारे में जानकारी (Hindi)

    ព័ត៌មានអំពីក្ឹល (Khmer)

    पोर्टलको बारेमा जानकारी (Nepali)

    КОРЬ (Russian)

    SARAMPIÓN (Spanish)

    Macluumaadka ku saabsan jadeecada (Somali)

    Habari juu ya masuli (Swahili)

    інформація про кір (Ukrainian)

    Washington State Dept of Health – Measles in Washington

    Información básica sobre el sarampión (DOH Measles in WA - Spanish)

    Measles: It Isn’t Just a Little Rash Infographic

    El sarampión no es simplemente un sarpullido leve - infografía (Spanish)


    Measles Vaccine Resource

    May 2019:  HealthPoint has now expanded free, walk-in MMR vaccination services to its Bothell and Redmond locations.

    Free, walk-in MMR vaccinations also continue to be available at HealthPoint Auburn, Auburn North, Cynthia A. Green, Federal Way, Kent, Midway, Renton, SeaTac, & Tukwila.

    Additionally, children can also get all vaccines required for school at no cost.

    You do not need to be a current HealthPoint patient.

    More information here.


    April 2019:  Sunscreen at school

    Since 2017, Washington State Law allows students to bring sunscreen to school and to self-apply it.  As the weather improves, parents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to help protect their student's health.  Please follow the directions below when sending sunsreen to school with your student.

    1. Students must apply the sunscreen themselves.  (School personnell are not allowed to assist students in applying sunscreen unless we have a medication order signed by a licensed healthcare provider)
    2. Parents should instruct student not to share sunscreen with others.  Some people are allergic to paba, a common ingredient.
    3. Write the student's name on the sunscreen container with a permanent marker.
    4. Send ONLY rub-on sunscreen to school for the following reasons:
      • It is difficult for most people to effectively apply sunscreen to all of the necessary areas.
      • spraying sunscreens in often croweded school settings risks accidental exposure of other students eyes, mouths and noses
      • spray sunscreens can contaminate the air which can be an irritant for those with asthma and other respiratory conditions.
    5. Parents of younder children are encouraged to apply sunscreen to their students before school.



    March 2019:  A Late Flu Season is Peaking in Washington State.

    Even though the plum trees are blossoming and the heavy coats are disappearing, flu season is in full swing.  Influenza activity is now at high levels in King County with the season expected to last another 4-6 weeks. Circulating strains are increasingly Influenza A H3N2 in addition to previously circulating influenza A H1N1, both of which are covered by this season’s flu vaccine.  A flu vaccination is recommended for everyone older than six months and it is not too late to get yourself, and your family vaccinated.

     Flu affects people of all ages & can cause severe illness resulting in hospitalization and death. Help protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated, washing your hands often, covering your cough and staying home when you're sick.

     If there is any question about the health status of your child, please make arrangements to keep him/her at home.  This preventive step benefits your student and their classmates. 

     For more information about the Flu and Flu prevention, visit the Washington State Department of Health Flu News website.


    January 2019: Measles Virus Outbreak in Clark County

    As reported in the news, there has beenn a outbreak of the Measles virus in Clark County, impacting some Vancouver-area schools. Given the contagious nature of measles, Governor Inslee announced a state of emergency related to the outbreak. Public Health states that the best protection against measles is to get vaccinated with the measles, mumps, and rebella (MMR) vaccine. To learn more about this health concern, please refer to the following resources:





  • Health Services Staff School Assignments 

    Cascade View Elementary

    Chief Kanim Middle School

    Fall City Elementary

    Mt. Si High School

    • School Nurse, Main Campus:  Margie Blackmon RN, MSN, (Nurse Supervisor/Secondary Schools Lead), Office:425-831-8111
    • School Nurs, Freshman Campus:  Natalie Buckman RN, BSN 

    North Bend Elementary

    Opstad Elementary

    • School Nurse:  Carol Gunning RN, BSN
    • Health Room Assistant: Holly Cowan 

    Snoqualmie Elementary

    Timber Ridge Elementary

    • School Nurse:  Carol Gunning RN, BSN
    • Health Room Assistant: Holly Cowan  

    Twin Falls Middle School

    Two Rivers School