Bullying Prevention Activities Unify Students

  • Throughout October, Snoqualmie Valley schools have initiated a variety of student activities that promote respect for others, teach empathy and encourage inclusion.  Activities have ranged from signing a pledge at middle schools, posting encouraging footprint messages, wearing orange on Unity Day Oct. 19, inviting classmates to play at recess time, sitting with someone you’ve never dined with at lunchtime, and wearing orange wristbands in support of National Bullying Prevention Month. We're hopeful these efforts will continue throughout the year, reinforcing school learning environments that are friendly and welcoming.


    Unity bracelets at NBES


    SMS Unity Day


    Signing a pledge


    Unity Day at SES


    TFMS Walk a mile in someone else's shoes


    TFMS 2


    OES is Orange


    Making a statement with his orange style


    CKMS 1


    CKMS 2


    CKMS 3