Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation Funds Innovative Learning

  • We are grateful to the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation, and all who volunteer their time and financial support to fundraising efforts aimed to benefit all Snoqualmie Valley students. 


    2022-23 Classroom Innovation Grants

    Each fall the Foundation offers Snoqualmie Valley teachers and staff the opportunity to apply for Classroom Innovation Grants, to supplement their lessons with new tools, engaging resources, or special experiences.  The following grants, totaling $17,523, were recently awarded to SVSD staff who applied this school year:  

    • Manipulatives to Enrich K/1 Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) ($572) – to Janelle Coughran, TRES           
    • Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) at Timber Ridge ($500) – to Joe Weber, TRES     
    • OSMO Extension Opportunities (used with I-Pads) ($1,639) – to Julie Lewis, CVES    
    • Air Quality Sensor: Purple Air ($360) – to Geoff Gegwich, SMS      
    • OSMO Extension Opportunities ($1,087) – to Dana Verhoff, FCES     
    • Coding in the Classroom ($1,400) – to Jennifer Meisberger, P3         
    • Reading in Spanish ($800) – to Patricia Tamburini, MSHS                 
    • Mount Si High School Girls Flag Football Club ($500) – to Kelly Besmer, MSHS   
    • Forging the Modern World 3E Books ($4,200) – to Mike Burns, MSHS                 
    • Deadly Companions: How Microbes Shaped our History ($2,027) – to Mike Burns, MSHS   
    • Flexible Seating/Items to Enhance Learning Environment ($725) – to Melinda Mohney, SMS                    
    • Solo and Ensemble Books ($238) – to Jason Talbott, CKMS   
    • Life Skills Literacy ($300) – to Ben Turley, MSHS   
    • Pebble Go Online Resource for Multi-Lingual Learners ($1,961) – to Cori Bolstad, NBE      
    • Refugee Novel ($799) – to Sarah Sarieddine, SMS   
    • Differentiated Seating Options ($415) – to Emily Rutherford, OES   


    SVSF 2022-23 Districtwide Initiatives

    Additionally, the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation works with our school district leaders to identify timely needs and priorities that serve students across all our schools.  The Schools Foundation has announced it is pleased to be able to support $71,000 in district-wide initiatives, based on donations from last June’s “Small Hands to Big Plans” Fundraiser Brunch.


    We are grateful to the Foundation and many generous donors for funding or contributing to the following vital programs and meaningful training that will be implemented this school year:

    • Science Teacher Coaching and Support, to increase alignment across programs in grades 6-12 and prepare for a curriculum adoption - $20,000
    • AVID Professional Development - $15,000
    • SPOT Vision Screener for SVSD School Nurses  - $9,000
    • Elementary STEM Support, in partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb - $16,000
    • LETRS Structured Literacy Training - $5,000
    • Seal of Biliteracy Testing for grades 8-12 - $2,000
    • STI Burke Box for grades 2 & 4, in partnership with Snoqualmie Tribe - $4,000  (Watch this video to learn how one classroom is learning with artifacts from Native American tribes in Washington State for a hands-on history lesson.)


    SAVE THE DATE!  The next Schools Foundation Annual Fundraising event will take place Wednesday, April 5, 2023!


    Every donation to the Snoqualmie Valley School Foundation directly benefits Snoqualmie Valley students. Thanks so much for this investment that helps make the Snoqualmie Valley School District a great place for children to grow and learn.


    For more information, please visit the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation website:


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