Help is Just Three Numbers Away

  • Washington State now has three distinct 3-digit dialing systems to support people in crisis: 


    • 911 continues to be the national system for medical emergencies, fire, crime, disaster response, and other life-threatening situations.

    • 988 (added in 2022) is the national suicide prevention support line for thoughts of suicide, mental health crisis, substance use, and emotional distress.

    • 211 is a state resource for essential human services and community referrals that support needs for food, housing, healthcare, transportation, utilities, legal, and other services. 


    The following graphic helps differentiate the types of calls each system supports and how the three services work together. Work is currently underway in our state to ensure that no matter what number you call, you will get the most appropriate service to meet your needs.


    Infographic about state 211 hotline