Summer School Physical Education Class


    “Fitness in the Northwest”

    Summer School Physical Education Class

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    ** Registration closes June 2, 2023



    July 10-21, 2023: 8:00am - 2:00pm 

    The class will meet at MSHS unless otherwise noted by a field trip.

    Teachers: Patrick Stewart, Leann Stewart (MSHS Physical Educaiotn teachers and coaches)


    Day 1: We will meet the students at the back of the school near the stadium entrance and parking garage at 8:00. Student drop off and pick will always occur in that area unless otherwise noted by a field trip.


    COST $400 – online payment accepted or bring a check to the DISTRICT OFFICE. Look for the link to online payments in the registration form.



    Please be aware of the fitness requirement of the class. Your son or daughter must be physically fit enough to complete the required hikes and biking trips. This class is not designed for students with low fitness levels. The class is 6 hours per day and the students will be tired at the end of each day. Please talk to your son or daughter about the expectations, they may need to get in shape before the class starts by biking and hiking. This class is not advised for students whom are not comfortable riding a bike for long distances. Students will not be excused from an activity due to low fitness levels.

    * Minimum Fitness Requirement: All students must be able to hike 5 miles, mountain bike 20 miles, and learn introductory rock climbing skills.



    The students will earn .5 Physical Education credit toward the 1.5 required to graduate. The class will be graded as a letter grade on the student’s participation. Students may miss one day, but will earn no higher than a B for a grade unless arrangements are made to make up one day missed.


    * Students may RETAKE the class one time as long as they earned a B or better.



    Please wear clothes that are appropriate for exercise and activity. When hiking/biking, be prepared for rain etc. The time at the high school will be spent doing various activities such as tennis, orienteering, archery,disk golf, badminton, ping-pong etc. Please bring a water bottle, healthy snacks and a lunch each day. A small backpack will be needed for hiking and biking trips. We encourage the students to bring their cell phones on the field trips for safety and picture taking. Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are also encouraged. NO JEANS. Hiking boots are fine, but you will also need to bring tennis shoes.



    * Personal transportation will be required at times. In the years past, students and parents have car pooled which has worked well. Please let me and or other parents/students know if you are available to help car pool. As teachers, we are not allowed to drive students with our own private vehicles. I will send out a roster so you can see who is in the class to make transportation plans easier. Students may also drive themselves and or each other.


    FIELD TRIP SCHEDULE (off campus field trips) All other time is on campus.

    * The students will go on a field trip every day and the rest of the time will be spent at MSHS

    * Parents are welcome to go on any hikes or biking trips.


    WEEK 1

    Monday July 10……. Bowling…. bring $15.00, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

    We will be walking over to the bowling alley.

    Meet at the MSHS at 8:00am. Pick up from bowling alley at 2:00pm.


    Tues July 11…….Twin Falls Hike and beyond.

    * Personal Transportation Required

    Meet at Twin Falls Trailhead at Exit 34 at 8:00am and pick up at 11:30am at the same place. A Discovery Pass is needed. If you do not have a Discovery Pass, be sure to park up on the road and not down on the trail head parking lot. Pick up at 2:00pm from MSHS.


    Wed July 12…….Vertical World Rock Climbing Seattle…bring $29, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

    * Personal Transportation Required.

    2330 W Commodore Way, Seattle, WA 98199 - (206) 283-4497

    Meet at MSHS at 8:00am. Pick up your student at 12:00pm from MSHS to take to VW. Please be prompt in picking up your child at 2:00pm from Vertical World. We will not return to the high school.

    * All students must have a minor waiver form signed by a parent.


    Thurs July 13……..Bike on Snoqualmie Valley Trail and Iron Horse Trail

    * Personal Transportation Required.

    Meet at Rattle Snake Lake at 8:00am (near the lake and picnic area and porta-potties). We will bike up the Iron Horse trail and then back to MSHS on the SV Trail. The class will stop for lunch at the lake and rest as needed. Pick your student up at 2:00pm at MSHS.


    Fri July 14….. Golf: Mt Si Golf Course, $39 for all 3 days, payment is due at the golf course on July 12. Checks can be made to the “Mt Si Golf Course.”

    Meet at MSHS at 8:00am. We will walk over to the course each day. The students will receive instruction from Brandon Proudfoot Mt Si Golf course instructor. They will also play a 9 hole tournament on the last day. Clubs are provided, but students can bring their own as well. The class will be divided up into two groups with a morning (9:30am - 11:30am) and an afternoon session. Students can choose their own groups to be with friends. * Pick up at 2:00pm at MSHS.


    WEEK 2

    Monday July 17…… Rattle Snake Ledge Hike 8:00am - 10:30am, 4.0 miles RT

    * Personal Transportation Required.

    Meet at Rattle Snake Lake at 8:00am near the bathrooms (porta-potties) by the lake & picnic area. THE STUDENTS WILL NOT go in the water unless to splash and cool off (although we are trained in water safety etc.) THE STUDENTS WILL NOT be allowed to go too close to the edge when we are up on the ledge.

    * Please pick students up at 10:30am near the bathrooms to take back to MSHS.

    * Pick up at 2:00pm at MSHS.


    Tuesday July 18….. Golf

    Meet at MSHS at 8:00am. We will walk over to the course each day.

    * Pick up at 2:00pm at MSHS.


    Wed July 19….. Cedar River Water Shed Tour/Volunteer Project (Rattle Snake Lake)

    Meet at 7:00am with bike at Centennial Fields Parking lot (near Snoqualmie Elementary School). We will bike up to the watershed via the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and do a volunteer project and then tour the watershed. The class will eat lunch and bike back. Pick up at Centennial Fields at 2:00pm.


    Thurs July 20…. Golf ……

    Meet at MSHS at 8:00am. We will walk over to the course each day.

    * Pick up at 2:00pm MSHS.


    Friday July 21……Little Si Hike 8:00am-10:15am, and Bowling 1:00pm-2:30pm

    * Personal Transportation Required.

    Meet at the Little Si Trailhead at 8:00am and pick up at 10:30am. There are 2 parking lots on your left, park in the second one near the bathrooms. A Discovery Pass is needed.

    * Pick up student from Little Si Trail Head. Class ends at 10:30am for the day.




    Each teacher will be in charge of 10 students on all field trips. Students will have their assigned teachers’ phone number in the case of an emergency and visa versa.

    * Please direct questions to Leann Stewart at


    This information is also available in a printable format.