School Board Director District Information

  • Board members represent the entire school district and are voted on by ALL registered voters.


    Each board position is elected by registered voters from the entire school district for a four-year term. Board members (and candidates) must live in the geographic area that is assigned their specific board seat. Director districts are established every ten years, through the use of census data, to determine an equitable geographic distribution of board positions among the population. This system ensures representation on the board from throughout the district. Despite the geographic distribution of the director seats, each member is elected by all voters and is responsible for the entire school district. Community members may contact any member on the board.

    The current Director District map was adopted by the School Board in the Spring of 2011. Here is how the process works: The 2010 decennial census data was made available to the Snoqualmie Valley School District in Spring 2011. The release of detailed US Census block data triggered a review of internal Board of Director district boundaries, just as it does for the redistricting that must occur every ten years for congressional redistricting and many other local units of government (PUD's, Ports, Cities, Counties, ESD's, Water Districts, Hospital Districts, etc.) Board policy 1105 provides a framework for this review and realignment process. The Snoqualmie Valley School District contracted with Sammamish Data Systems for technical assistance with the redistricting work. 


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