Public Participation in Board Meetings

  • Snoqualmie Valley School Board will hold regular Board Meetings in-person  at 5 p.m. in the Library at Mount Si High School, 8651 Meadowbrook Way SE, Snoqualmie WA. We will continue to offer the option of viewing the meeting live via Zoom. 


    Guidelines for Making a Public Comment:

    There are now two ways you can provide public comment:  

    • In person:  If you want to make a comment during the meeting, please email by noon on Wednesday, prior to Thursday's meeting. Public comment will be offered in the order in which requests are received and limited to 15 people. Comments will be limited to two minutes per person. Public comments will be recorded as part of the school board meeting podcast and/or video.
    • In writing: To provide written public comment, please email your comments in advance to by noon on Wednesday, prior to Thursday's meeting. (Please keep your comments to 500 words or less.) Written comments will not be read aloud during the board meeting.  Written comments submitted will be shared with the Board and added (as an attachment) to the board meeting minutes. 


    The Snoqualmie Valley School Board appreciates public comments during our board meetings.  Allowing public comment during board meetings is at the discretion of the Board. Public comment periods at board meetings are a tradition in many districts that serve the district and community well. They are not required by law but are appropriate and our Board is diligent in assuring the opportunity for public comment takes place at appropriate times in board meetings. The board chair has the option to assess the number of commenters and limit each commenter’s time at the podium, accordingly, as well as to encourage commenters to keep from being repetitive. In the interest of time, we are limiting the public comment time during regular board meeting agendas to a maximum of 30 minutes. The School Board generally asks that comments to be held to two minutes in length. In additon Public comment should enhance, rather hinder, the effective transaction of the district’s business.


    The District’s Civility Policy - #4011 applies to public comments. Thanks for taking time to participate in school board meetings and share your thoughts.


    If your comment to the Board is in the nature of a complaint about a district employee or agent and that person would be personally identifiable, board policy requires that such complaint be submitted to a district official and oral comments at the meeting will not be allowed. The district has an obligation to protect certain privacy rights of its employees and it is also eager to protect you from any exposure to legal liability. The names of our students are never used at public board meetings unless some award, honor, or achievement is involved.


    In addition to the regular meeting, the board conducts two other types of meetings. They are Work Sessions, during which matters may be studied and discussed but no votes are taken, and Executive Sessions. Work Sessions are open to the public as observers, but there is no provision for public participation. Executive Sessions are meetings during which the public may not be present. The subjects considered in Executive Sessions are rigidly controlled by law.