Absences: Students are to bring a note from a parent/guardian or have a parent/guardian call the school to excuse an absence within 3 days of the absence.  If an absence is not cleared within 3 days, absence will be declared truant. Make-up work is allowed for absences. 


    Tardies: Each student has five minutes to get to all classes on time. The only excuse acceptable for tardiness is when a teacher detains a student. It is the responsibility of the student to get a pass from the appropriate teacher/staff to excuse their tardiness. Students are tardy when they are not in the classroom when the bell rings to start a given period. Tardies are tracked by semester; excessive tardies may result in disciplinary consequences.

    Senior Skip Day: Senior Skip Day is NOT a school sponsored event and is not condoned in any way by the school administration. Students are expected to be in class and the absence will be unexcused if they are not present.

    Early Dismissals: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE STUDENTS TO LEAVE SCHOOL WITHOUT AN OFFICE-APPROVED EARLY DISMISSAL. The Attendance Secretary will give the student a slip to dismiss him/her from class at the appointed time. This must be scheduled before school starts. If the student returns to school that day, he/she must sign back in on the master list in the Attendance Office. Failure to comply with regulations could result in an unexcused absence.

    Planned Absences: A note is required to let the school know about planned absences. Planned absences are excused absences. A Planned Absence is more than 5 days. An excused absence request form must be filled out and turned into the attendance office prior to the absence.

    Suspensions: Absences due to in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension are considered excused and make-up work is allowed.

    Make-Up Work: Students have an opportunity to get assignments during any absence. Assignments may be obtained during an absence by emailing, checking their teacher(s) website, Schoology, etc. Students are ultimately responsible to make sure they have obtained and completed all missed work.  Following an absence, a student has the same number of days to complete work as he/she was absent, or as arranged with the teachers. Following a suspension, students will have two days to complete make-up work for any class or as arranged with the teachers.


    Athletics:  In order to participate in a practice or contest, each athlete must attend all classes scheduled for that day. Exceptions would include school hours affected by travel time needed to arrive at an away game. Exceptions will be considered for necessary appointments, field trips, school-related absences, or other unavoidable circumstances deemed reasonable by the coach and athletic director.

    Please be advised that the only informational absences are for school-related activities, (e.g. field trips, ASB meetings).