Title I and LAP (Learning Assistance Program)

  • Title and LAP programs provide qualifying students extra help in reading to improve their academic achievement, through our elementary WIN (What I Need) Reading Program. Our schools receive funding through two programs: one is federally funded, while the other is state funded. Both serve the same purpose: to provide extra support to help our students improve in reading to meet grade level benchmarks.

    Materials being used: Materials used in the TITLE I and LAP programs are consistent across all our schools and have been purchased by LAP and Title I funds.

    Contact Information:
    Director of Equity and Categorical Services  |  Monica Heimbigner  |  425-831-8037
    Executive Secretary  |  Darlene Lane  |  425-831-8018
    Data Analyst  |  Thomas Eyler  |  425-831-3882
    More Information: 4130: Title I/LAP Parent Involvement

Additional Title 1/LAP Information

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