• Elementary Standards Based Report Card
    Users Frequently Asked Questions
    How to print dropped students
    • Open Report menu - select Standards Based Report Card
    • On Report page select "Select Different Students" link from the right side menu
    • From top menu select "Clear All" to deselect classroom students from report
    • Scroll down to the bottom of your student list, you should see a list of the dropped students.
    • Select the student you would like to print a report card for
    • Scroll back up - select "Print"
    • Your student report card should be in your print queue
    Grade Period Display Selection
    • From main screen select "Event Display
    • Select "Grade Period Display
    • Select which trimesters you would like visible on the Main screen
    • Just a note, on the Main screen the most current trimester is at the very end of the selections so you will have to use the scroll bar to the right to view the current trimester

    Please submit a Tech Problem Request if you need help with these functions