Web Mail

  • Web Access to E-mail from the Internet at Home
    These instructions below will help you to get logged in properly for checking e-mail from home.

    Your e-mail address is:  username@svsd410.org

    Here are a few important steps to follow:
      1.  Log on to the Internet through your Internet Service Provider as you normally would to browse the Web.
      2. Launch your web browser, for example, Internet Explorer.
      3. Select the link below to get the Outlook Web App log on screen:
      4. Click Here! ======> 
    Outlook Web Access
    1. In the “user name” box, type in your network log on name (user name).
    2. Enter your SVSD network password in the "password" box.
    3. Click the "Sign in" button to log in

    An "Outlook" window should now open up. To read new mail, select “Inbox” on the left panel. For online help go up to the Help menu.