Special Education Preschool

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     Program Model

    The Special Education Preschool Program is located at Snoqualmie Elementary School. Classes are held Monday through Thursday,and children attend half-day sessions in the morning or afternoon. Our classroom vary in size, generally ranging from 8 to 16 students with the average of 10, and are taught by certificated special education teachers, with the assistance of training paraprofessionals. 

    Our classrooms include children with and without delays in development. Children who qualify for this program as special education students have an identified delay in development which may involve the areas of speech/language, fine motor, gross motor, social, cognitive and/or self-help. We welcome 3-4 typically developing children as peer models in each classroom. Typical peers pay a monthly tuition. This allows us to provide an integrated learning environment for children with a wide range of skill  development, enabling all of the students to interact with and learn from one another. 
    Our curriculum is based on the Washington State Learning and Development Guidelines and the learning needs of the children, with activities included addressing all individualized learning objectives. Our classes establish predictable schedules for our students, with a balance of teacher-directed and child-directed activities. Thematic units provide the framework for the activities planned. The themes might include topics such as forest animals, transportation, or dinosaurs, or may revolve around the books of favorite authors of children.

    Teachers use the Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development II annually to assess student growth prior to the annual IEP review. Curriculum-based assessment tools and observation are used to measure skill acquisition and maintenance on an on-going basis.

    Parent Involvement
    Parents play a key role in the education of their children. We strive to provide information and support to parents as they work with us in this educational process. Parents participate in the development of their child’s Individualized Educational Program. They may also elect to be involved with helping in the preschool classroom, preparing classroom materials at home, and participating in parent meetings.

    Extended Day Preschool Program
    For some of our students, the IEP team will determine the need for additional specialized instruction. These students are then given the opportunity to participate in an extended preschool day. During this time the students participate in small group and some one-to-one sessions, and they also might work at independent work stations. The specific programs offered during this time are highly individualized, based on the needs of each student. Some of the programs used during this time include discrete trial training, picture schedules, social skills and communication training, and picture communication systems. Support is given to generalize skills learned in the extended day program into the preschool classroom. Some activities that will be later used in the preschool class may be pre-taught in the extended day program