Health/ Medication Plan for Outdoor Educational Experience at Camp

  • Phone numbers to camps to be used in an Emergency only:
    Camp Seabeck:  360-830-5010 or 206-842-0346

    Camp Seymour:  253-884-3392
    Parents, in order to meet the health needs of your student going to camp, please assist the health services staff with the following:
    1. All medication including over the counter medication (Tylenol, antacid, inhalers, antihistamines etc) must be accompanied by signed physician’s orders and signed parental permission forms. [Washington State Law- RCW 28.210.260]
    2. Sending nutritional supplements to camp is discouraged as these items, too, will need to be accompanied by physician’s orders.
    3. Any special health needs, health concerns or special diets need to be reported by parents to the school nurse prior to camp so as to alert school staff and Camp staff prior to departure to the camp. Head lice checks will be conducted in each class 2 weeks prior to camp, with subsequent checks as necessary. Parents will be notified if a child needs lice treatment.
    4. All medication will be kept in a container secured by a designated staff member.  An exception may be made for medications ordered to be carried by the staff or student so as to be immediately available to the student such as inhalers and epipens. Arrangement for a student to carry specific medication must be made in advance with the school nurse. Another exception may be for parents chaperoning the event who wish to be responsible for their own child’s medications. This parent must sign a waiver and discuss with the school nurse prior to camp how the medication will be secured.
    5. With regard to students who currently have medication dispensed at school, if there are additional doses needed within the 24 hour period, the parent is responsible for obtaining and providing to the school nurse physician’s orders reflecting the complete daily dosage schedule.  This should be done prior to camp departure date.
    6. Parents are encouraged to turn in signed physician’s orders, parent permission form and properly labeled medication approximately 2 weeks prior to departure date either to the school secretary or directly to the school nurse.  Please do not give medications to the teacher.
    7. For the sake of convenience and safety, please send only that medication which is essential and use small containers whenever possible. Prescriptive medications must have a correct pharmacy label and over the counter medications must be in the original container labeled with the student’s name.  (No loose medications/tablets in baggies will be accepted).
    8. As students will be outdoors, any students with a history of respiratory allergies should be sent prepared to deal with asthma, and/or allergic reactions.
    9.  All high school students serving as Camp Counselors will need to follow   the same guidelines with regards to their medications as these are school sanctioned trips. Please contact the high school nurse to arrange for dealing with medications taken only at home as well as medications taken during a school day.
    10. Following return from camp, medication will be held at school until a parent can pick it up. All medication not picked up by a parent, will be destroyed two days after the last day of school.

    Thank you so much for your assistance in complying with state law. We hope that all students have a safe and wonderful time at camp!

    Feel free to contact your school nurse to discuss any questions or concerns. Call 425 831-8000 to leave a message for your school nurse.