Snoqualmie Valley Parent Partnership Program

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    Principal: Rhonda Schmidt 
    What is the Snoqualmie Valley Parent Partnership Program?

    Snoqualmie Valley School District's Parent Partnership Program (P3) is a place where families who choose to educate their children at home can find resources and a learning community to support their journey. From curriculum materials and guidance to weekly engaging classes for the students, P3 offers families a partnership in their home education for students in grades K-10. Student learning plans, focused on each child’s individual needs, are created by the families and a certificated teacher. By focusing on each child’s progress, the learning plan details a unique learning roadmap for the school year.

    What our program offers:
    • Fun, engaging classes on Mondays and Wednesdays for grades 6-10, and Tuesdays and Thursdays for grades K-5;
    • Grades 6-10 classes include language arts, history, science, math, art, technology and a writers' workshop. Classes for K-5 students include language arts, math, science, technology, music and more.
    • Certificated teachers to partner with families in writing their learning plans and monitoring learning progress throughout the year;
    • Curriculum resources and support for classes on site and at home;
    • Access to multiple forms of technology, including with Chromebooks and ActiveBoards;
    • A central location in Snoqualmie, based in modular classrooms on the Snoqualmie Middle School campus.
    Interested families can schedule a time to meet with the learning advisor at the Parent Partnership Program. Please call Robyn at 425-831-4232 for more information.
    For other questions, contact Principal Rhonda Schmidt (