Mount Si High School Online Program

    Snoqualmie Valley School District offers a variety of online education options for high school students. The Mount Si High School (MSHS) and Two Rivers (TRS) Online Program has partnered with Fueleducation and Pearson Online to offer a fully-accredited program, approved by OSPI, that allows students to take one or more high school classes online and graduate with a Mount Si High School or Two Rivers diploma.

    The MSHS/TRS Online Programs are designed for high school students who are interested in taking online courses part time or full time.  Students may choose this program for pathway acceleration, credit enhancement, credit recovery, credit deficiency/graduation requirement, alternate learning environment and/or access to courses not offered at their campus.
    Blended Schedule
    Cost:  Free
    Course Length:  18 week semester (actual length depends on start date)
    Students may take 1 online course during the MSHS 7 period day/TRS Schedule or 1 online course in addition to their Running Start (RS) Schedule.  Please note that the online semester ends 1 week prior to the regular semester and 1 week prior to senior check out (for seniors only) to allow time for the online teachers to grade out.
    Credit Recovery
    Cost:  $325 per semester course*
    Course Length:  90 days
    Credit recovery courses can be taken at home in addition to a student's MSHS 7 period day/TRS schedule/RS schedule or in the MSHS online classroom during the 7 period day.
    Credit Enhancement
    Cost: $375 per semester course*
    Course Length: 18 week semester (actual length depends on start date)
    Credit enhancement courses are taken at home in addition to a student's MSHS 7 period day/TRS schedule or Full-time ALE schedule.  Please note that the online semester ends 1 week prior to the regular semester and 1 week prior to senior check out (for seniors only) to allow time for the online teachers to grade out.
    Alternative Learning Experience (ALE)
    Cost:  Free
    Course Length Regular Schedule:  18 week semester (actual length depends on start date)
    Course Length Fast Track Schedule:  9 week quarter (complete .5 semester course in one quarter)
    This program is taken at home full time or part time.  Students may take up to 3 online courses per semester (regular schedule) or up to 3 online courses per quarter (fast track schedule).  If you are interested in learning more about this program, speak to your guidance counselor or the online program mentor.  Please note that the online semester ends 1 week prior to the regular semester and 1 week prior to senior check out (for seniors only) to allow time for the online teachers to grade out.
    Summer School
    Cost:  Credit Recovery $300 per course*
    Cost:  Credit Enhancement $350 per course*
    Course Length:  6 weeks
     Summer school information will be posted in April.
    *fees subject to change.
    Why should I consider taking classes from the High School Online Learning Program?

    • Flexible Schedule: Learn when it’s convenient for you. 
    • Maximize Your Time and Set Your Own Pace: Each semester course is designed to take 90 hours of coursework, and you can progress faster or slower as your ambitions and learning needs dictate. No more scrambling to catch up with the rest of the class or feeling frustrated because you were ready to move forward. Students can expect to spend at least 5 hours per course per week/ALE 10 hours per course per week.
    • Get help when you need it: Your online teacher is available during the day (generally 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM or later) by phone or email to help you succeed.
    • A local mentor you can come to for help: Both Mount Si High and Two Rivers High have an onsite "mentor" that serves as your advocate, stays up-to-date on student progress and reaches out to online students and their parents if a student is struggling or not making progress. The mentors also serve as test proctors to ensure program integrity.
    • A record of success: Our students have a much higher success rate than most online programs because of our unique model that involves the student and their family, the school counselor, the program coordinator, AND our caring, local mentors.

    How does it work?

    Both Fueleducation and Pearson Online provide accredited curriculum, Washington State Highly-qualified teachers and instruction for online students.  Your counselor will help you integrate online courses into your academic plan in order to achieve your goal of earning a high school diploma.
    • Adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the MSHS Online Learning Agreement
    • Login daily and make acceptable progress toward course completion. This means completing an agreed upon percentage of each course every week to stay on track or make progress as determined by the ALE written student learning plan.
    • Communicate once a week in person or by phone or email with the online learning coordinator/mentor.  ALE students are also required to communicate with their online teacher(s) one time per week.
    • One mid unit test & the final assessment for each course must be proctored by the online coordinator in the online classroom. Transportation to Mount Si High School for testing or conferencing is the student’s responsibility.
    • Pass required state assessments & requirements. Satisfactory completion of all Snoqualmie Valley School District credit requirements, including the High School and Beyond Culminating Project, and any additional state requirements, will earn online students a Mount Si High School or Two Rivers diploma as well as allow participation in the commencement ceremony if desired.


    Small Print

    • Some online courses require materials.  It is the student's responsibility to acquire all necessary materials.  Don't forget to check with the MSHS library for any needed books/textbooks.
    • Student athletes are responsible to determine if the online course meets NCAA college admission requirements.  Core courses are not NCAA approved.
    • Students will earn a letter grade that will be posted to their transcript but is not visible through Skyward.  Parents/guardians will be able to monitor their student's progress through the online vendor (Peak/FuelEd or Pearson Connexus).
    • Students who withdraw from an online course will receive an F on her/his transcript, be charged a fee of up to $375 & will no longer be eligible to participate in the online program.
    • Students who do not follow all requirements of the online learning agreement, all requirements of the ALE program or all online program guidelines may be placed on an intervention plan, are at risk of being dropped from the course, and/or may be asked to return to campus if taking the course from home.
    What if I still have questions?

    Please contact the MSHS Online Learning Program Secretary, Amy Fauver Lane fauverlanea@svsd410.org (425-831-8049) for more information.