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Early Kindergarten Entrance Parent Information

School districts in the State of Washington are not required to accept enrollment for students unless they are 5 years of age by August 31st of the incoming school year. However, the Snoqualmie Valley School District (SVSD) acknowledges some students may be exceptionally advanced in terms of intelligence, academic and other necessary skills to be successful in school. We encourage young minds to develop in engaging, stimulating, and supportive environments when circumstances are appropriate for those families seeking early enrollment.


When a request for early entrance kindergarten is made to the office of Student Services, parents are required to submit birth certificate and immunization status for their child. In addition, the following eligibility criteria must be met before we can invite your child to participate in a probationary early kindergarten experience:

1.      1. The child must be born on or before 11/31 of the desired academic year you are requesting early entrance (the child turns five years of age by this date; so if you are seeking early admittance for this school year, your student must be 5 years of age on or before November 31 of the current school year.

 2.   2. Participation of legal parent/guardian in the early kindergarten entrance informational presentation offered by the school district. This presentation occurs in mid-to- late spring prior to the year of sought enrollment. In cases where the parent is unable to attend, a conversation with one of the school psychologists to discuss the benefits and challenges of early kindergarten entrance is required. Please check district calendar on our website for presentation dates.

3.      3. A comprehensive evaluation of your child's skills and abilities must be completed which demonstrates the child has "high average" performance and maturity at the 5 year, 6 month age level equivalent in the following areas: cognitive, academic, social/adaptive, and adaptive skills. The specific criteria are as follows:


a.    A standard score of 115 (or above) is required on the cognitive assessment for each cognitive area (Verbal, Nonverbal, Spatial)

b.    5 year, 6 month age equivalents in areas of social, adaptive, and academic skills

c.     Meet second trimester goals on kindergarten screening tools

d.    Recommendation based on observation of the examiner

 4.    4. Submission of a confidential teacher recommendation supporting early entry from the student’s preschool/Montessori school or previous year’s instructor.

 5.    5. Submission of a parenting plan outlining how the child will be supported at home and academically in the early entrance kindergarten program. The plan may include: how much formal time is set aside for study at home, access to other resources and enrichment, how issues with current friendships and adjusting to a new peer group will be addressed at home, etc.

6.       6. Students will be required to take a kindergarten screening at the time of testing.

An evaluation can occur by:

1.      1. Parents may seek an evaluation provided by an outside psychologist at their own expense. SVSD offers a list of local clinicians you may choose from to complete the evaluation if you cannot locate a local psychologist.


a.    The private psychologist will need to and sign complete Forms #1 and Form #2 (request Outside Provider Guidelines) and use the evaluation checklist to guide any evaluations necessary to help SVSD determine early kindergarten placement . Forms may be in lieu of a report or in addition to.

2.       2. SVSD offers a fee-based evaluation paid by parents at time of evaluation ($375.00) and given by one of our school psychologists occurring in August prior to the academic year you are seeking early enrollment. This testing typically occurs over a two day period and is limited to a first come, first serve basis. Please contact the Student Services Department at 425.831.8015 for appointment availability and fee inquiries.


The application for early enrollment will be considered as complete when all documents and assessments are received by the Student Services Department. At that time, an early entrance committee will convene to review data and make a recommendation for admittance. All parents having completed the above steps and seeking early enrollment will be notified of the committee’s recommendation in a timely manner following the committee meeting.

Given the child meets, or exceeds, the criteria outlined above, early entrance shall be granted. However, this invitation may be withdrawn if after a six week trial period of kindergarten beginning at the start of the school year if the student:

  • Is deemed by the teacher and Principal to be unable to keep up with classroom demands and/or typical kindergarten behavioral expectations.

For further questions, please see the Early Kindergarten Entrance Procedures or call our Student Services Department at: 425-831-8015 


Potential Evaluators


   Dr. G. Fay: (425) 452-8036
   Dr. B. Jones: (425) 455-2938
   Dr. S. Katz: (425) 688-7675
   Dr. T. Collins: (425) 455-5440


   Dr. E. Anderson: (425)396-7994
   Dr. D. Shaw: (425) 932-8679
   The Center For Child
   (425) 877-3484
   Dr. E. Rastall:
   (425) 967-7199