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    "Spurred by S.A.T.'s and College Concerns, High Schoolers Flock to Latin"

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    1st trimester

    bio – life (Gr.)                                            

    graph – writing (Gr.)

    inter – between, among (Lat.)                  

    mono – one (Gr.)

    ology – study of (Gr.)                                

    pre – before, in advance (Lat.)  

    sub – under, below (Lat.)                          

    therm – heat, temperature (Gr.)           

    tri – three  (Lat.)                                        

    uni – one (Lat.)   


    2nd Trimester

    able – able to be (Lat.)                              

    co/com – together, with (Lat.)

    ian/or – a person who (Lat.)                     

    ject – throw (Lat.)

    ped – foot (Lat.)                                         

    phon/phono/phone – sound, voice (Gr.)

    port – carry (Lat.)                                      

    re – again, back (Lat.)

    spec – see, look (Lat.)                               

    un – not, none (Lat. & Gr.)


    3rd Trimester

    ben/bene/bon – good, well (Lat.)            

    cede/ceed/cess – go, yield (Lat.)

    circ/circum – round, around (Lat.)           

    cred – believe (Lat.)

    flect/flex – bend (Lat.)                             

    hypo – under, below, less (Gr.)

    junct/join/jug – to join, meet or link (Lat.)

    mal – bad or badly, wrong, ill (Lat.)

    terr/terra/geo – land, earth (Lat. & Gr.)

    tract – pull (Lat.)