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  • Fridge Facts
    This week's reading focus:
    We will continue last week's work finding the main idea of a fiction text and sequence the events in the story. We will also be finishing up with the non-fiction writing students are doing about children in school in other countries and an assessment of their non-fiction comprehension. Then we will begin a new realistic fiction story called The Winners' Choice.
    This week's math learning targets: 
    • I can measure an object with centimeter cubes without gaps or overlays.
    • I can measure objects using centimeters.
    • I can measure, order, and compare the length of objects.
    • I can measure using a consistent unit.
    Spelling Word Wall Words:
    This week we will have our BIG review test over all 70 words covered so far. (You can find those words on the second page of the homework packet.) This test is in sentence format.
    Be sure to have your child  pay attention to what letters they capitalize, how their letters touch the lines, and to look for backward letters. This will be very important when they take the test. It will also be very important to practice their words in sentences. They will need to begin each sentence with a capital letter and use the correct ending mark. ( . ? )
    Spelling Word Family Words: We will be taking the BIG review word family test this week. (You will find the word families covered so far on the back of the second page of the homework packet.)
     Please remember to initial the spelling activity on the spelling grid that your child does each night to practice his/her spelling words. The spelling grid is on the back of the reading log.
     Don't Forget!
    • We will be on Day 2 of our specialist schedule, Coding, on Monday.
    • We will be having a Valentine Party this Friday, February 14th. Students will need to buy or make a valentine for everyone in the class. Student names are in the BEARS folder. This is one of the last pages in the folder. Students will need to include who the valentine is "for" and who it is "from". During the party, students will be thanking each other for the valentines they receive using that information. I want to thank everyone who has offered to donate items or time to our party. I think we have everything we need!
    • Remember, your child can only count minutes spent reading to you as homework minutes.
    • I will continue to check homework each morning. It is still important that you or your child records what was read each night and how long that reading took. The spelling activity that was done should also be initialed on the spelling grid that is on the back of the reading log.
    • Please help your child to stay in the routine of returning the homework slip to their folder each night and returning their folder to their backpack.
    • Homework is due Friday morning.
    • We will have spelling tests throughout the week.
    Friday - 1:36 (dismissal)


    Next Week:There is no school due to Presidents' Day and Mid-Winter Break. When we return, we will be on Day 1 of our specialist schedule - Library. Please help your child to return his/ her book. Students who are finished with their book will be asked to keep it in their desk before we leave for break. 
     Email: pastranan@svsd410.org     Phone: 831-8324   
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