Bus Routes

  • Find Your School and Bus Routes Using E-Link




    Be sure to confirm your student’s route before the first day of school, as several changes were made to bus routes this year -- in particular to middle school routes.


    E-Link is an online program that allows families to verify which school a student is assigned to attend and bus route details, based on their home address.  Please read completely through the following directions, then click on E-Link for your student’s information:

    1. Click on E-Link: Find your regular bus route.
    2. Select student grade level.
    3. Enter house number, street address and zip code.
    4. Click on the Find School/Transportation Info.


    E-Link will display a student’s attendance area school, bus route number, the nearest bus stop to his/her house, and pick-up/drop-off times for regular schedule days. 


    The regular schedule applies to Monday through Thursday. Every Friday, Snoqualmie Valley schools dismiss students two hours early to allow for teacher collaboration and professional development. Morning pick-up times are the same every day, including Friday. To determine Friday afternoon drop-off times, simply subtract two hours from the regular drop-off time. (For example, if a bus regularly drops off a student at approximately 3:45 p.m., expect the Friday afternoon drop off time to be approximately 1:45 p.m.)


    Click here to use E-Link.


    Students should always arrive at their stop five minutes before their scheduled time. As needs arise throughout the school year, pick up and drop off times may be adjusted. Parents will be notified using Bus Bulletin when schedule changes are made to their student’s specific route. 


    Bus Bulletin Notification Service:  The District partners with Bus Bulletin to provide timely notifications to parents/guardians when bus delays of 10 minutes or more may impact a specific bus route. When traffic congestion, schedule changes or other incidents may impact a specific route, the Transportation Department works to send a brief email or text message to families who have signed up for the free Bus Bulletin service.  NOTE: Parents/guardians who signed up in the past will need to log into your account and add both AM and PM route numbers to your account for the 2019-20 school year, as all routes have been refreshed. To learn more, click on Bus Bulletin


    Additional resources:


    New students are not required to register with Transportation to ride a school bus.  Instead, parents should make sure their school has their current address and phone number on file through the RSVP Process or by contacting the school.


    Questions?  Contact the Transportation Department at transoffice@svsd410.org or call (425) 831-8020.

    During the first few weeks of school, the Transportation Department assesses how many students choose to ride buses and may fine-tune the bus routes if needed. The District appreciates the patience and flexibility of families during this time, as bus routes are streamlined to help ensure all students are transported safely and efficiently.