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    Hello and Welcome Back TFMS Band 2018-19 !!!

    Welcome everyone to a new school year at Twin Falls Middle School. I am so excited to meet all of our new students and reconnect with our returning 7th and 8th graders. I just received my rosters today so I am glad to be able reach out to all of you. Please read this page carefully, especially if you are a 6th grader, so you are ready for next week and the beginning of school.


    Instrument Fitting and Rental Night. Monday August 27, 4pm-7pm. Twin Falls Middle School.


    Method books for all grade levels will be available for purchase at this event. If you are able, please consider ordering online or purchasing at a music store as supply is limited.  Required materials are:

    6th grade band: Essential Elements for Band, Book 1. The “Yellow Book”

    Intermediate Band: Habits of a Successful Middle School Mucisican. This book is new this year, and I think it is going to be really great. 

    Advanced Band: Foundations for Superior Performance. The “Blue Book”


    All beginners are required to attend to be fitted for an instrument that is right for them and will help them be the most successful. 

    PERCUSSION - All 6th graders interested in Percussion are required to attend. There is a fitting and selection process for all students interested in percussion. Because of the special nature and demands of a percussionist in concert band, we need to make sure that students selected for percussion having a strong rhythmic feel and basic music reading skills, and can work independantly with good self management skills. Percussion selection interviews will include some sight-reading, rhythm exercises, and some basic questions about their musical goals and experience.  

    All students and families that are on the fence or have questions, you should come and check it out!

    SVSD music faculty and professional staff from Music and Arts will be on hand to play test students on all available instruments, answer questions, and make sure students are fitted in a way that will provide them with the best opportunities for success. The Band Director has the final say on all matters related to instrumentation of the band program.


    At the end of the fitting process, students and parents will check out with their band director and then be able to rent their instrument from Music and Arts on site. Parents may also choose to rent form another music store such as Moore Brothers, Ted Brown, or Kennelly Keys.


    Don’t panic if you don’t have your instrument on the first day of school. All bands will be reviewing fundamentals and classroom rules and procedures the first week of school. It is good to get into a routine and figure out how you will get your instrument to and from school, even if we don’t play for the first few days. There will be signs and I will help show you where to put your instruments on the first few days of school. 


    Saxophone Auditions. Tuesday August 28th, 9am-1pm. Twin Falls Band Room.

    Students that have already spent one year on a woodwind instrument may audition for placement on saxophone(s).  Potential sax players must play the Concert Bb scale and #174 (the Chromatic Scale) from the yellow book on their woodwind instrument and then have a short interview with me. It is common and encouraged for students to play saxophone in jazz and flute or clarinet in concert band if they have the means to do so. Switching to saxophone exclusively is also an option. For questions about saxophones and our policy, please email me or plan to show up between 9am and 1pm on Tuesday the 28th


    Jazz Band. Jazz I Auditions begin Friday, August 31st, 6:40am-7:30am.

    The first day of Jazz Band I auditions will begin Friday morning before school, and will continue the following week until the band is selected. After auditions are completed and the band is selected, rehearsals will continue every regular school day starting at 6:40am.


    All students who are interested in jazz band at Twin Falls should consider joining my enrichment. This is our jazz band II and jazz enrichment class. It is open to all players and is a great place to improve your skills and dig into the basics and fundamentals of all things jazz and American Music.  Please email me and your school counselor if you would like to be placed in my enrichment class. Class Size will be limited to 50 students so please email your counselors right away if you are interested in jazz enrichment. Students may be able to rotate in or out of jazz enrichment based on schedule demands and student interest at the semester. 


    School Instruments

    Students that play large instruments that do not travel on the bus or have a financial need may check out and use a school instrument. There is a cleaning fee and a form that will go home with students in the first few days of school. Please email me if you have any questions.


    I am truly looking forward to working with all of you and making awesome music together. There will be a handbook that goes home in the first days of school that will have a lot more information and many of our performance dates for the year. See you soon, keep practicing and GO RAVENS!





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