• Classroom 16 Tid-Bits...
    Homework is sent home every Friday in your child's homework folder and is to be returned by the following Friday.  Please encourage your child to be responsible for bringing their homework every week.  In addition to the weekly packet of homework you child is receiving, our goal is to also have students read and/or practice their math facts each night if possible.  Homework is mainly used to help communicate inportant skills learned in the classroom that week, and will always reflect the work the students have previously learned. 
    Birthdays are a special time and your child deserves special attention! In rooms 16/18, we celebrate birthdays on the day of (or as close as possible).  On that day, your child get special birthday recgonition with a certificate and a pencil from Ms. Rosendale as well as being able to lead a "birthday game" with the class. We encourage healthy birthday snacks and if you would like to send something in with your child to share with the students, please notify us prior.  *For summer birthdays we will have a special week at the end of the year to celebrate.
    Water Bottles
    Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school.  Water bottles are kept at their desk spot so children can get drinks throughout the day without disrupting their learning time.  To precent spills over class work water bottles need to have the "pop-tops" and not twist tops.  This helps prevent spills should a water bottle accidentally get bumped.
    We look forward to working with you in the classroom.  Your presence and commitment is invaluable.  You must have the proper paperwork completed before you arrive to volunteer.  Please contact the office (425) 831-4000 for assistance with this process
    Although I appreciate knowing when your child is not well, please be sure to contact the main office so that your child can be excused.
    I have found that it is easier for both kids and families to pre-pay for lunch, if that is possible.  Janet Peterson is the head of the lunch room and can help you set up an account if needed.