• Fact Fluency for 2nd grade

    (Updated Fall 2012)

    2.2.A- Students are expected to quickly recall basic addition facts and related subtraction facts for sums through 20.

    ·         The above standard prompted the decisions to keep our students working to a sum of 20. The students begin on 1.1 completing 20 correct problems in one minute. The students will take the test orally first, and then written. (See strategies tested below). Students who exceed these expectations, by completing the 20 in one minute, will move onto the next level of completing 40 in one minute but will not exceed level 2.6. This ensures students ability to move to the next grade level with 100% accuracy in adding and subtracting sums through 20.

    The following may be printed off for weekly practice, these are not the exact tests your child will be completing in class, but are selected problems from each of the 4 versions of the tests they will be completing.  (The levels do not always go in order, so do not be alarmed that some might be missing!) :) 

    Strategies/Levels tested: