• Social Studies Book Club
    Where:  Library
    When:   During all lunches (eat your lunch in the library)
                 Tuesdays - MSHS   
                 Wednesday - Freshman Campus             
    Hosts: Jill & Kirsten from King County Library System and Mrs. Ransavage MSHS Library

     Read a great book, participate in an interesting discussion and earn *extra credit!
    *See your social studies teacher for details.

    What do students like about book club?

    It was fun and gave me a way to discuss the book.
    I liked how so many people interacted and bonded over a book!
    I liked the open discussions; it really helped me to better understand the book.
    Lots of interesting and different points of view
    I really liked the communication
    Everything. Discussing the book made it much more fun to read.
    The historical facts we got to learn about.
    The ability it gave us to resolve confusing portions of the book.
    I love WW2 so the book was extremely interesting and it was cool discussing it. 
    It was a lot of fun to talk about the book
    I liked that the book club was interactive. 
    I liked the atmosphere and the food
    I loved the book!  
    Candy and discussing about what makes a hero in particular.
    I like getting extra credit and discussing the book.
    I enjoyed discussing a good book, and the structured discussion.
    I got candy and got to read a great book!!
    It was fun
    I enjoyed reading the book and hearing all of the comments on Louie 
    I loved hanging out with Jill in the library during lunch 
    The great people
    I liked being able to talk about the book.
    It gave me a deeper understanding of the content of the book.
    It helped me understand the book better.
    I enjoyed seeing how everyone else responded to different events in the book. I also liked see everyone’s opinions on it.
    The book that we picked was really interesting and I wouldn’t have read it if I hadn't joined book club.
    I really like everything about it! For real!
    Helped me further understand the plot and concepts. The book was good and interesting, too.
    Helps me understand the book better.
    I liked how everyone participated and got involved. The candy and bookmarks that were used to get people to ask and answer
    questions were really effective. And the book was really good!
    I loved the book we did, and talking about what's going on was super interesting.
    It was very interesting and I learned a lot of facts about the book we read
    I like how we discussed what happened and the deeper meaning behind the symbols of the book. I also like how we had discussion of the controversy topic of the book such as the title of hero versus idol.
    I love the productive, fun meetings that we participate in every Tuesday.
    I loved all of it. 
    I liked how informative everyone had to be in order to understand the questions. It was also very relaxed and even if you haven't had a chance to read up to a certain point, it was very easy to answer  with prior knowledge.