ReadyGen Literacy

    Our district recently adopted a new language arts curriculum called ReadyGen. It is a K–5 integrated literacy and writing program that accelerates learning for all by presenting a modeled reading experience with authentic text. Students engage in practice, build motivation, and improve their reading and writing stamina.

    ReadyGen Highlights:
    • Balance of informational and fictional text
    • Read more complex material carefully
    • Discuss reading using more evidence
    • Writing through response to text and non-fiction using evidence 
    • Increase academic vocabulary
    • Learn about the world by reading
    Reading Lessons include four main components:
    1st Read  - Build understanding with text
    2nd Read - Close Read and cite text evidence
    Vocabulary and Phonics study
    Reading/Language Analysis
    Writing Lessons include four main components:
    Set the Purpose
    Prepare to write
    Conventions mini-lessons