PictureDaily 5

    Part of our literacy block is based on the Daily 5 designed by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. Your students will be engaged in 5 literacy activites which include; reading to self, reading with a partner, listening to reading, working on spelling/sightwords, or writing independently. During this time, I’ll be reading with small groups and/or conferencing about reading or writing with individuals.

     We will be working on a variety of strategies for decoding unknown words. These strategies include sounding out the word, looking for word patterns, breaking words into smaller parts, reading ahead, self-correcting, finding contextual meaning, etc.

     Our goal for the year is not only to decode words and read fluently, but to work on comprehension strategies. These strategies include creating mental images, sequencing events, summarizing, comparing and contrasting, looking for connections, etc.

    Most of all I want to foster the love of reading. I want the students to be curious about stories and eager to read books by favorite authors. The students will experiment with different genres, research topics of interest, and encourage their friends to read books they’ve enjoyed.