Eureka Math
    The Snoqualmie Valley School District recently adopted the math program, Eureka and are implementing during the 2019-2020 school year. The Eureka program aligns with Washington State's Common Core Standards.

    Shift from procedural learning to a combined focus with conceptual understanding


    • Asked to show their understanding through modeling, justification, and explanation 
    • Explain more than one way to solve a problem
    • Work will demonstrate a deeper understanding of concepts aligned with standards


    Why this shift is important:

    Job opportunities involving mathematics require the ability to think flexibly, communicate ideas, and collaborate with others. 

      • In order to do this, students must…
        • Understand the mathematics deeply
        • Explore multiple pathways to approach solving a problem
        • Have opportunities to explain their thinking
        • Work with others to develop and refine their understanding.
        • Our goal is to help all students become fluent in mathematics. Fluency goes beyond just knowing how a particular process can be used to solve a problem. It requires understanding why that process works. Students learn to think, strategize, and solve problems… not just get answers.
     What does learning look like? 
      • Math is taught as a coherent body of knowledge rather than as isolated concepts that have no connection
      • Multiple mathematical ideas are taught in tandem and continuously built upon & revisited
      • Students use a variety of models to develop their understanding 
        • Ex: place value charts, number bonds, tape diagram, vertical number line