• Yeah! We get to bring a book home this year!
    First grade students get to check out a book after their story time.  Students will learn how to properly care for books while they are out of the library.  CLEAN! DRY! and UP HIGH!  is the chant.   They will also review how to turn pages of a book from the upper right hand corner, not from the bottom of the page with their thumb.  If they forget to bring back their book the next week for return or renewal, they will not be allowed to check out another new one.
     They are introduced throughout the year to the Washington Library Media Association Children's Choice Picture books(WCCPB)  (http://childrenschoiceaward.wikispaces.com/) as well as many other favorites.   Students will vote for their favorite WCCPB  in March.  I focus on literacy skills recommended by the American Association of School Librarians, The Washington Library Media Association and the Common Core.
    If you would like to come in before school and check out books, you as a parent can get an account with us. 
    The School District also pays for World Book Online for us to use at school and for you to use at home.  It is multi-leveled encyclopedia.  The Early World of Learning would be great for kindergartners.   You can access it quickly through the school district website- Student Resources or through the Library Catalog Home page via this library website.  You must have a password to access it from home.  Please email me for the code. 
    September - December
    What a delightful group of students this year!  We focused at first on how to sit and listen to a story, how to raise our hands to ask or answer a question, to know the difference between a question and a "telling".   Finding our way around the Everbody section of the library,  the animal, science and military books,  and learning the call numbers and what they mean is a continual discussion.    I have shared 10 of the 20 WCCPBooks  http://http://http://childrenschoiceaward.wikispaces.com/home so far this year.   Discussed with each title was 4-6 new vocabulary words.  I have been working with the students to be precise when they are describing something.  For example, " the thing that drives people places" is not as precise as " a car that people use when they don't have a car and you have to pay the driver to be driven somewhere" when explaining a TAXI.    
    The Common Core Standards for Literature that we have focused on are  under Key Ideas and Details of the story.   This includes asking and answering questions, retelling the story, and identifying the character, setting and major events in a story.   It is a lot for a 15-20 minute lesson and then time to choose a book.  It is so much fun to help the students find just the book they are wanting.   We have supports for that also.  This year's WCCPB and last years posters are up and labeled with the call number.   Individual rings with previous years labeled favorites as also available.   My assistant, Mrs. Myers and I keep a seasonal or themed table fully stocked with books.  Another two displays with boy and girl themed books and many other fiction and non-fiction are set up so that students can see the front cover.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.