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2018-2019 Battle of the Books List

  • Cabin on Trouble Creek

    by Jean Van Leeuwen Year Published:

    In 1803 in Ohio, two young brothers are left to finish the log cabin and guard the land while their father goes back to Pennsylvania to fetch their mother and younger siblings.

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  • Eleven

    by Patricia Reilly Giff Year Published:

    When Sam, who can barely read, discovers an old newspaper clipping just before his eleventh birthday, it brings forth memories from his past, and, with the help of a new friend at school and the castle they are building for a school project, his questions are eventually answered.

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  • Heart of a Samurai

    by Margi Preus Year Published:

    In 1841, rescued by an American whaler after a terrible shipwreck leaves him and his four companions castaways on a remote island, fourteen-year-old Manjiro, who dreams of becoming a samurai, learns new laws and customs as he becomes the first Japanese person to set foot in the United States.

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  • Home of the Brave

    by Katherine Applegate Year Published:

    Kek, an African refugee, is confronted by many strange things at the Minneapolis home of his aunt and cousin, as well as in his fifth-grade classroom, and longs for his missing mother, but finds comfort in the company of a cow and her owner.

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  • Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

    by Jack Gantos Year Published:

    To the constant disappointment of his mother and his teachers, Joey has trouble paying attention or controlling his mood swings when his prescription meds wear off and he starts getting worked up and acting wired.

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  • My Life in Dog Years

    by Gary Paulsen Year Published:

    The author describes how dogs have impacted his life from childhood through the present day, recounting the stories of his first dog, Snowball, in the Philippines; Dirk, who protected him from bullies; and Cookie, who saved his life.

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  • Running Out of Time

    by Margaret Peterson Haddix Year Published:

    When a diptheria epidemic hit her 1840 village, thirteen-year-old Jessie discovers it is actually a 1996 tourist site under unseen observation by heartless scientists, and it is up to Jessie to escape the village and save the lives of the dying children.

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  • Save Me a Seat

    by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan Year Published:

    Ravi has just moved to the United States from India and has always been at the top of his class; Joe has lived in the same town his whole life and has learning problems--but when their lives intersect in the first week of fifth grade they are brought together by a common enemy (the biggest bully in their class) and the need to take control of their lives.

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  • The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School

    by Candace Fleming Year Published: 2007

    An unlikely teacher takes over the disorderly fourth-grade class of Aesop Elementary School with surprising results.

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  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    by C.S. Lewis Year Published:

    Four English school children find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist Aslan, the golden lion, to triumph over the White Witch who has cursed the land with eternal winter.

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  • The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963

    by Christopher Paul Curtis Year Published:

    The ordinary interactions and everyday routines of the Watsons, an African-American family living in Flint, Michigan, are drastically changed after they go to visit Grandma in Alabama in the summer of 1963.

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  • Wait till Helen comes

    by Mary Downing Hahn Year Published:

    Molly and Michael dislike their spooky new stepsister Heather but realize that they must try to save her when she seems ready to follow a ghost child to her doom.

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