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  • Our Daily Schedule
    Our daily schedule is flexible to meet the needs of our students and the curriculum. So it is subject to change at almost any time. The following information shows a typical schedule. This information can be useful if you must take your child out of school for a doctor or dentist appointment. You could use this as a guide:
    9:15 Opening (attendance, lunch count)
    Group Meeting (literacy work with poems and songs, math work with calendar, discussion of day's schedule, Social Emotional Learning lessons)
    Guided Reading (work on comprehension, accuracy, vocabulary, and fluency strategies)
    Writer's Workshop (work on the writing process and improving the quality of written composition) 
    Self-Selected-Reading (students read independently and meet with the teacher to discuss their work on reading strategies learned in Guided Reading) 
    11:00 Recess
    Working With Words (students work with letter sounds and vowel patterns) 
    11:40 Recess
    11:55-12:15 Lunch
    Special (see the specialist schedule)
    Science / Social Studies
    Math (work on whole number relationships, operations, geometry, measurement, data, and problem solving)
    2:15 Recess
    Math (review and fluency work)
    3:36 Dismissal 
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  • Our Specialist Schedule
     We go to “specials” on a five day rotation. We will follow this rotation on Mondays through Thursdays throughout the school year. If there is no school due to an emergency of some sort, the schedule will continue on the next day that there is school. Fridays will have their own rotation schedule. Please help your child to come dressed appropriately for P.E. You will also need to remind them to bring back their library books on the day that we have library. Thank you for your help in this! Here is the five day rotation:

    Day 1 - Library
    Day 2 - Coding/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
    Day 3 - Music
    Day 4 - P.E.
    Day 5 - Technology

    Watch for more information about specialist schedules on the Class News page and in the BEARS notebooks.
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