• Snacks in Studio 4!

    I am a big believer in snack time…It not only helps keep bloodsugar steady, but it is also a ready break in a busy morning. Students will beallowed to eat their own snacks out of their lunch box as long as they meet the following guidelines….low sugar and not too messy. The reason I set these strict guidelines is that snacks are not helpful if they have little or no nutritional value. There is brain research that shows that when individuals are active on a regular basis and eat a balanced diet they perform better in school! It is my goal, to have every student reach their social, emotional and academic goals this year. Please help me in this endeavor by packing healthy snacks in your child’s lunch or by donating healthy snacks to the whole class.
    Healthy Snack Ideas:
    Cut up fruit slices
    Cheese, pretzels, crackers, veggies, muffins, and popcorn!