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  • WHO: All NBE 5th graders participate in this annual outdoor education experience at NatureBridge on the Olympic Peninsula(www.naturebridge.org). Our 5th grade teachers and parent volunteers accompany the students.


    : NatureBridge is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula within the National Park.

    WHY: All 5th graders have the opportunity to explore natural systems by studying the interconnectedness of plants and animals in an outdoor classroom/laboratory. Students apply their knowledge of the scientific process including investigation design through hands-on learning and discovery of the natural ecosystems. Participation in this program helps our students develop an awareness and understanding of environmental issues such as: waste reduction, water quality, conservation and preservation, and an overall respect for the environment. In addition to strengthening students’ scientific understandings of the natural world, students have an opportunity to practice life skills such as: teamwork, cooperation, independence and communication. The academic skills of reading and writing will be reinforced throughout their learning at NatureBridge with the use of the scientific field guides and daily reflections.
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