• Teacher/Principal Evaluation Introduction


    The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot is a component of E2SSB  6696, a broad  education reform bill passed by the Washington State  Legislature in the 2010 session. The bill calls for significant changes in  principal and teacher evaluation systems, including the introduction of a  four-level evaluation ranking (most school districts have only tw satisfactory and unsatisfactory). Beginning in the 2013-14 school year, all districts will be required to adopt evaluation systems in alignment with E2SSB 6696.

    A Summary of the Supplemental Bill ESSB 5895

    1. Adds details to revised teacher and principal evaluation systems, including a requirement for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to adopt up to three preferred instructional and leadership frameworks and requiring school districts to adopt a preferred framework.

    2. Requires student growth data to be a substantial factor in evaluating teacher and principal performance for at least three evaluation criteria.

    3. Requires each school district to adopt an implementation schedule that transitions staff to the revised evaluation systems beginning no later than 2013-14, with full transition no later than 2015-16.

    4. Defines "not satisfactory" performance for teachers and principals, and revises provisions related to probation for teachers.

    5. Requires annual evaluations under the revised systems, but allows for a focused evaluation for those who have received a Level 3 rating, as long as comprehensive evaluations are completed once every four years.

    6. Requires evaluation results to be used as one of multiple factors in human resource and personnel decisions beginning in 2015-16.

    7. Provides that teachers who receive less than a Level 2 rating in their third year remain in provisional status until they receive a Level 3 rating.

    8. Directs the OSPI to develop a professional development program to support implementation of the revised systems if funds are appropriated for this purpose.

    9. Directs the Professional Educator Standards Board to incorporate continuing education or competencies in the revised evaluation systems as a requirement for renewal of educator certificates beginning September 1, 2016, and for residency principal certification after August 31, 2013.

    To read the complete bill CLICK HERE.