• The More You Read, The More You Know- The More You Know the Smarter You Grow.
    In the library we focus on literacy skills recommended by the American Association of School Librarians and the Common Core appropriate for fourth grade. Students will also be learning how the library is organized, how to access the computer catalog to search for a book and recommend a book to other students.   How to research a topic with reliable sources plays a part in a project done in the library collaboratively with the classroom teachers and Mrs. Burch in the technology lab.    How to use the library respectfully is also a learning goal. 
    So far this year students have demonstrated use of the Destiny Card Catalog, Destiny Quest for communicating about books read, Follett's Webpath Express that gives students reliable, appropriate website sources and the World Book Online Encyclopedia.  They have completed  a small research project that started with the reading Star Stuff by Sisson, a biography of scientist Carl Sagan.   Star Stuff is a non-fiction book that is one of 10 nominees on the William C. Towner Non-fiction book Award http://towneraward.wikispaces.com/ for 2015.   The students will vote for the one they think is the best in April.  
    As enrichment, students are encouraged to sign up for the Battle of the Books.  They make teams of 5 fellow 4th or 5th graders.  The team collectively reads all the books on the list and prepares to answer questions about them.  They start reading at the beginning of the school year, work in teams starting in January and the district finals are Friday April 29th at Fall City Elementary.   The book titles for this year are Adventures of the South Pole Pig, Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang, Dewey the library Cat, Found, Ghost Dog Secrets, Gregor the Overlander, Hatchet, Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy, Out of My Mind, Number the Stars, Rain Reign, and Sign of the Beaver.  
    Encouragement is also give to read two or more of  the Washington State Sasquatch Reading list and vote on your favorite one in March.  https://sites.google.com/a/wlma.org/wlma/sasquatch-award
    If you would like to come in before school and check out books, you as a parent can get an account with us.  You can access our Destiny library catalog either through my website on the schools page, through the Parent portion of the school website or through the district website under Student Resources. 
    The School District pays for World Book Online for us to use at school and for you to use at home.  It is multi-leveled encyclopedia.  The Early World of Learning would be great for kindergartners.   You can access it quickly through the school district website- Student Resources or through the Library Catalog Home page via this library website.  You must have a password to access it from home.  Please email me for the code.