• BusBulletin



    Would you like to know when your student’s bus is going to be late?


    The Snoqualmie Valley School District Transportation Department uses the Bus Bulletin notification system to notify parents and students when there are bus schedule changes or delays of 10 minutes or more, for specific school bus routes.

    • The service is free.
    • Registration is simple and fast.
    • Select only the bus routes for which you want notifications.
    • Choose to receive text messages, phone calls, and/or e-mails. (All contact information is stored securely and will not be shared or sold.)


    To sign up for notifications, click here: BusBulletin Registration  NOTE: If you've signed up in the past, please sign up again for the 2019-20 school year.


    Please note that this communication tool is used when a specific route may be delayed. For situations that affect the entire district, please refer to the District's other emergency communications resources, which will be used to reach a broad district audience more quickly.


    For help with registration, please call SVSD Transportation at (425) 831-8020 or email transoffice@svsd410.org.