• On this page, I hope you find the answers to most questions you might have about the day-to-day or behind-the-scenes modus operandi at Two Rivers. If the topic isn't classroom specific, I hope to include it here. If you have a concern that is not addressed here, please contact me via the contact information on the Welcome Page. thanks!
    1)What is an advisor?
    At Two Rivers, every student is assigned to an advisor. The advisor meets with the student to help select and sign up for classes, but advisors are also advocates for the student. That means that every student has an adult on staff whose job is to help mediate conflicts, give advice (hence the name) or listen to what the student has to say, whether 'something needs to be done' or not. In addition to the Counselor, fellow students, office staff and the principal, advisors are part of a student support team (and they have the added benefit of knowing the practicalities of the students' schedule and other practical concerns).
    2) What are the monthly appointments for?
    At the end of every term, students make appointments with their advisors to track progress and determine their schedule for the next term. It's also good to pause frequently to make sure that there aren't any problems--once a term (which is roughly once a month) students get a chance to assess their progress and make plans for next steps.