Classroom Information

  • Classroom Information



    Transportation Changes

    If your child needs to head home after school in a different way than usual (bus, pick-up, going home with a friend), please contact the main office at (425) 831-4000. The office will notify me of the change. Transportation changes must come directly from the parents (e-mail, signed note, phone call to office).



    If your child is not well, please contact the office at 425-831-4000. The office needs to be aware of this so they can mark the absence as excused. If your child will be absent from school for an extended period of time, please let me know so I can be sure to set aside the work they they will be missing.



    Our district has adopted a health standard for our students that does not include sweet treats. I fully support this program and appreciate your support as well. When we celebrate we will include healthy snacks throughout the year. For additional information you can read the Snoqualmie Valley School District Wellness Policy brochure. This year students will bring their own snack from home to have during snack time in class. 


    Water Bottles

    Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily! Water bottles are kept on students desks so that they can get a drinks throughout the day without disrupting learning time. Drinks from the fountain in the room or in the hallway are only allowed during recess.

          **To prevent spills on class work, please only send water bottles with a pop open top and not the twist open top. This should help keep our work space spill-free if a water bottle is accidentally bumped**



    Birthdays are a special day! In our room, we would like to make that day as special as possible. To do this, we will celebrate every student's birthday on their birthday (or as close as we can). Your child is welcome to bring a birthday snack for the rest of the class. A district Wellness Policy has been adopted and promotes proper nutrition and balanced choices. To honor this policy I ask that if you want to bring in a snack that it be healthy and low in sugar.



    Please make sure that your child comes to school with proper "Washington Weather" clothing. As many of you know and most likely witnessed, our weather can be temperamental and change at the drop of a hat. I recommend that your children come to school with a coat, no matter what! 



    If possible, please pay for lunch ahead of time. If the students are trying to handle money in the lunch line, it always seems like a bit of a hassle. Janet Peterson is the head of the lunch room and can help you set up an account. You can also set up and reload your child's account on our school's Food Services web page.