Approved District Budget

  • Each year, the District's Business Services department develops a budget for the upcoming school year. This extensive process typically begins in December, concurrent with the launch of each legislative session, and culminates with a board adoption in July.

    Current General Fund (operational) budget priorities for the 2017-18 school year included: continuing to reduce class size (with focus on elementary grade levels), introducing world language at the middle schools, continuing improvements of interventions and supporting student success, enhancing curriculum, and competitive compensation for employees. Thanks to increased state funding and ongoing local community support of our Educational Programs and Operations Levy, the 2017-18 budget adopted by the Board of Directors on July 18, 2017 provided for significant contributions towards all of these priorities.

    The Capital Projects Fund also authorizes expenditures for capital facilities needs in the district. Most of the activity in 2017-18 will be centered on the construction of Mount Si High School and the gymnasium at Snoqualmie Elementary School. Numerous projects related to preserving and improving existing assets throughout the district will also take place. The District is grateful to our community for supporting the 2015 bond proposition that will provide significant improvements district wide. Community members can view progress and read updates on these projects on the Facility Planning and Construction webpages.

    On July 18, 2017, the Board of Directors approved the following budget for the Snoqualmie Valley School District:

    If you have additional questions concerning the district's budget or budget development process, please contact Ryan Stokes, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations, at or 425-831-8011.