Green team shirt
  • If you are able to donate $5, towards the cost of the Green Team shirts, it would be very helpful in keeping our working budget in balance.  If writing a check, please make it out to SES ASB.

2014-2015 GREEN TEAM

  • Please take the time to fill out this short form.  

     As a member of the Green Team, your student has pledged to recycle, teach others to recycle, and be a role model for the SES students and staff.  I am excited to grow as a Green Team this year with your student!!

    Students in the Green Team will meet 2-4 times per month at lunch on Tuesday’s.  They will not be missing any class to attend meetings.  If we have a speaker coming in, where a student will need to miss class, I will send home an email to let you know and will also check with their teacher to make sure they can miss class.  Students will also have the opportunity to take part in the “CLEAN TEAM”.  Students get to wear an apron and help out in the lunchroom during lunch recess.  Students like this opportunity to help out our school community!

    At the end of the year, students get the chance to take a half-day off of school to help to beautify our school grounds as a field trip.  This is always a much-anticipated event!!  I will be sending out emails to let you know the day of this event.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me!


    Jennifer Gjurasic