Food Services

  • Food Service Director: Pam Chambers
    Telephone: 425-831-8009
    Secretary:  Heidi Lemoine
    Hours: 7:00 A.M.. -3:30 P.M...
    Telephone: 425-831-8030
    Fax: 425-831-8040
    For F.S. Invoices, Meal Statements and Free/Reduced Information
    Online Payment System:  The payment system will update payments three times a day: 6 A.M., 10 A.M. (prior to lunches) and 12 midnight. It is different than you may be used to, so know that your payment is not immediate.  If you having problems, please call us at 425.831.8030 or 425.831.8000, with the following information: child's name, date of payment, amount paid and confirmation number. 
    All meals are free to anyone 18 and under and up to 21 in the TLC program for the remainder of this 2020-21 school year.  The food service staff at Snoqualmie Valley School District provides your child with the fuel to power the learning engine. We encourage every child to participate in the school breakfast and lunch programs, which provide well-balanced, well-prepared and convenient meals. Students are allowed to receive one breakfast and one lunch daily. 
    In-Person Learning Meals: 
    • Elementary students attending in-person classes will have the option of taking home a breakfast and lunch each day they are in class. This includes both A.M. and P.M. schedules. Meals cannot be sent home with in class students for siblings.
    • Secondary students (middle and high school) will have access to one free breakfast and one free lunch each day on campus. Breakfast will not be served before school, but will be handed out with lunches. No Ala carte will be available to start with, but will look at ways of implementing it in the future. Students do not need to put money on their account now. Information will be communicated as needed.
    Distance Learning Meals:
    Meal service will be provided while students are learning from a distance. We realize good nutrition is a vital part of student learning.
    Meal pick up at all SVSD elementary schools is available from 11:45 A.M.-12:30 P.M. - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  On Wednesday, pick-up service is 11:15 A.M.-12:30 P.M. at all sites, including MSHS and select bus routes.
    • CVE     Out front under the bell tower
    • FCE     Off of the bus lane
    • NBE    In front of the school.
    • OES    Off the Multi Purpose room   
    • SES     In front of the building
    • TRES   By the front door
    • MSHS  Under the garage by the green elevator -- Wednesday only.
    Buses will run Wednesdays only. Click here for the complete Wednesday Bus Delivery schedule and locations
    Recent route adjustments include: 
    • Jacobia & Hancock:  11:15 A.M.-11:50 A.M.
    • 9624 Frontier Ave SE (Panorama Apts):  11:55 A.M.- 12:26 P.M.
    • Fall City Mobile Park:  11:11 A.M.-11:41 A.M.
    • Riverview Park:  11:45 A.M.-12:25 P.M.
    PRE-ORDER Pick-up Meals: 
    We highly encourage you to pre-order meals as it will help us prepare for appropriate quantities and minimize waste, especially now that we have students in school. (The pre-order form reflects current pick-up times and locations.) 
    Menus are posted on the Food Service page. Refer to the District Website home page, Free school meals "to go" for children page, and the pre order form is there. link is: Fill out this Pre order form
    Apply to substitute on the Food Services team: 
    If you’d like to watch your child enjoy that school meal, please apply to work as a substitute in our kitchens. We offer part-time work that allows you to be home with your child at the beginning and end of the school day. Most substitute shifts are short, but packed with activity. They offer instant gratification – you’ll see lots of happy smiles on the kids you’re feeding. See Job Opportunities for more information. 
    If you have questions or need help, contact Pam Chambers,, or 425-831-8009.
  • Important:  2020-2021 Free and Reduced Applications may be completed at any time throughout the school year.  You may obtain an application online in Family Access, on the district website, or at any school or our district office.